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Always & Already Available

The Deepest Part of Our Being

To touch the deepest part of our being is a gift that is always & already available to us. It is our very birthright, a privilege that no one and no thing can deny us. We have only to turn our attention inward, investigate, and remember to trust this inner authority.

Our deepest Self can be found by turning our attention inward. It takes practice, but there are many ways "in" and the ancient wisdom traditions point to the various pathways. Following your breath can be a good place to start. Begin by inhaling a deep breath through your nose, hold the breath at the top for three counts, then exhale slowly. As you are pushing the air from your lungs through your nasal passage, use your throat ( mouth remains closed) to assist in pushing all the air out. Counting occurs mentally as you breath out, and continue with the repetition of the next breath until you reach the count of ten. Your objective is to focus your mind solely on your breath throughout the exercise. When you notice your mind has become distracted and is no longer focused on the breath, as happens, simply start counting over again.  

This exercise may not be as easy as it sounds. Our minds are restless by nature and have a tendency to jump around once they think they've got something down or they are predisposed with an idea or thought. The challenge is in keeping your mind focused on the breath by putting off all other distracting thoughts long enough to realize you are not your thoughts, that thoughts will pass on by unless you give our attention to them. This practice allows the space to inquire who you are when you are not identifying yourself with your thoughts. It also enhances concentration and serves as a reminder of how the breath can be used to settle the mind and relax the body. The breath is available to you always so this exercise can virtually be done anywhere.