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The Purpose of Our Existence

[This writing was inspired while studying Essays on The Gita, by Sri Aurobindo]

The Purpose of Our Existence

Each of us has an inner law of being.

Implicit in our choice to embody a soul,

is the search for a way of being

that aligns with our true nature.

Its progression relies on our capacity

to observe, find and ultimately follow

this unique law within each of us.

Once found, old habits and patterns

are revealed, recognized and revisited time and again.

With recognition comes choice,

and the option to offer up predispositions

to the master of our existence,

our higher, nobler Self.

With each renunciation of motives unaligned with our truer nature,

egoism, willfulness and desire begin to fall away.

We become free to live and act

from the advanced spirit of our own inner being

in service to the world,

divine wisdom,

and the good of all.

Only then can we fulfill the purpose of our existence,

an inner movement that is realizable by all.