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The World Has Our ATtention, Now the World Needs Our INtention


How We Can Contribute to the State of the World

The Universe has our ATtention

in very direct, unmistakable and impactful ways these days.

It has brought the world to its knees

as evidence of climate change continues revealing itself,

the pandemic proceeds to ensue and pursue without regard,

and racial inequities are no longer hidden or quelled.

Helplessness and vulnerability visit more often,

uncertainty and volatility have become the new norm,

and numbness to the number of lives lost takes a dangerous toll on our psyches.

No one can even pretend to have the answers,

many cannot even be convinced of the new reality,

yet no life goes untouched.

As despair seemingly gains

there is a way each of us can contribute.

It entails using a gift that we

always already have,

even in moments of perceived absence of light,

to utilize the divine spark that lies deep within each of us.

As each of us comes to know or ATtend to what lies within us,

we can offer the light of our inner divinity as a catalyst for change in the outer world.

Our creativity demands that we feel the change first from within.

Thereafter, we can INtend the spark to kindle and grow

until it shines out and embraces

a planet and all its creatures striving to recover,

the loving souls whose lives have been sacrificed to an undiscriminating virus,

and all who have been disenfranchised by our ignorance or willfullness.

To rise to the present challenges, our collective contribution begins from within.

In directing the loving gaze of our ATtention and the warmth of our INtention,

sincerely and with regularity,

we can change the world and our outer experience of the world.