• Spiritual Care Companion

    Engaging The Precious Gift of Your Inner Authority


    Spiritual Care is attending to that part of our Self which is, in fact, our truer nature.


    There is an inner compass that lies deep within the heart of each of us. While we come into the world with it, and it has always existed, few recognize and access this precious gift. Though you likely have received gentle nudging’s throughout your life verifying the existence of this inner authority, such occasions are often overlooked while striving to keep up with the rapid pace of today's outwardly focused culture. A spiritual companion is a confidant that provides the kind of listening and presence that can engages your inner authority, while inviting reflection and discernment from which to navigate your journey.  The companion-ing process plays a key role in rediscovering the personal wisdom that has always been available as your innermost authority, by exploring time-tested methods for stilling your mind and strengthening your connection to a presence within that many refer to as God, Spirit, the Absolute, Creator, or Higher Power and so on. There is nothing as important to your spiritual well-being than reconnecting with this sanctuary of strength, an authority that was always meant to guide and instruct you throughout your life and beyond.


    “Be still and know that I am God”. Psalm 46:10


    “Those who have discovered great truths have done so in the still depths of the Self.”

    Sri Ramana Maharshi


    "I said to my soul, be still, and wait...So the darkness shall be the light, and the stillness the dancing." T. S. Eliot


  • What I Do

    Serve as a bridge to the sanctuary of strength within you.

    I offer companionship and guidance to those willing to explore their inner authority, serving as a bridge to access that which already exists within. I am certified in the ministry of Spiritual Direction, a seasoned and respectful companion to those seeking personal insight of a more introspective nature. I welcome people of all beliefs and respect the dignity, worth and gifts of all. With a dedicated listening I focus on what is being conveyed, follow the orientation of the seeker, and use gentle techniques to evoke the wisdom of one's truest nature.

    The contemplative terrain may include concerns related to:

    • life direction and/or purpose
    • spiritual growth, ethical alignment & work-life balance
    • relationship (personal, professional & spiritual)
    • identity orientation & expression
    • grief, loss & transitions of all kinds
    • existential and end-of-life concerns
  • Working Together

    Connecting with wisdom that lies behind your mind.

    Spiritual care promotes learning and clarity about our deepest Self, and spiritual companionship lends the requisite support, objectivity, and guidance along the journey. To connect more deeply with our inner wisdom it is essential to come to know our minds more intimately. There are incumbent challenges in trying to witness the subtleties of the mind with any impartiality, to know whether the mind is shedding light on the truth, deceiving itself in the shadows, or merely playing hide and seek as it justifies old patterns or habits of behavior. The wisdom that lies behind the mind is of immeasurable value, but to reach it one must come to know the mind first.


    The value of a spiritual companion is having someone with experience to walk the inward path with you, follow your lead, and invite reflection and discernment on what is emerging. As your spiritual companion I share aides and practices, so-called “skillful means” that have been passed down through the ages, with teachings and modifications gleaned from practical experience.


    The tradition of working with a spiritual companion has existed in many civilizations of spiritual seeking that date back to ancient Hebrew scriptures, Christian gospels and Celtic traditions. "Spiritual companion-ing" is a ministry dedicated to engaging one's inner authority; it is not a helping or fixing proposition, not a hierarchical relationship, but one of companionship and respect and equanimity. Working together, one shares only what one is inclined to and the care companion listens carefully and responds to what is being shared, offers reflections over what has been received, while also remaining true to their own inner authority. There is an emptying of ideas of right and wrong until there is a yielding to spiritual veracity and trust.


  • About Me

    Dedicated to the inner sanctuary of strength realizable by all.

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    Nan Schwappach

    Spiritual Director, Retired Attorney, Mediator

    A long-held vocation of mine has been to walk beside others and listen to what is in their heart of hearts. My focus professionally for the first twenty-five years was on justice, I practiced law and mediation. The following decade my emphasis shifted to educating professionals in the workplace about improving personal and professional competencies based on listening for their internal strengths. My own spiritual deepening over the years has led me to pursue training and formation in contemplative spiritual guidance and companionship. I continue to be a devoted listener, now with a dedicated focus to companion others in search of their own inner wisdom and authority.


    My clients have included individuals in the medical, legal, governmental, corporate, spiritual, educational and social work disciplines. I have presented across a multitude of venues that include conflict resolution centers, county bar associations, law schools, colleges, businesses, professional associations, community education, cancer survivor care centers, spiritual resource centers, parishes, hospice, and senior care facilities.


    As a member of Spiritual Directors International (sdiworld.org) I adhere to their guidelines of ethical conduct. I am available to meet with you real-time in the Twin Cities area, or via Skype, Zoom, or Google Hangout. My rates are affordable and accessible, with a sliding fee scale for those whose circumstances necessitate. Payment is made at the beginning of each session and no one will be turned away because of financial difficulty.

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